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Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory regents pure, Purified commercial products used in many chemical laboratories. Laboratory is a place where scientific research and development is conducted and analyses performed, in contrast with the field or factory.We provide all of your needs. If you have confusion then please call us or chat anytime.


Analytical Reagents

Reagents useful for analytical purpose and research work where high purity is essential. The certificate of guarantee give the minimum assay and maximum limits of trace impurities. This is similar to grade marketed by other International company as : Analar, P.A. (Proanalysis), GR(Guaranteed Regents), Puriss.

HPLC / Dry Solvents

Continuing advances in the use of HPLC have lead to an increased demand for solvents and regents in wider range of application areas, particularly for biomolecular and ion separation. Key parameters such as UV absorbance, transmittance, non-volatile matter, moisture content, fluorescence impurities and assay are very carefully controlled.

Stains & Indicators

These chemicals are provided as power and ready to use solutions for Microbiology, Histology, Haematology and Cytology, Stringent testing on all batches is performed to ensure all specifications are satisfied. They correspond normally to the specifications given in H. J. Conns Biological Stains(1977).

Ion Pairing

Highly pure additives for ion pair chromatography are suitable for detection in the low UV range. Reagents of this special quality inspected by means of a filter test, a cyclovoltagram and gradient test at 205 nm. Please call us or contact us anytime.You can also chat with us, we will call you back as soon as possible to solve your confusion

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