Stains & Indicators

These chemicals are provided as power and ready to use solutions for Microbiology, Histology, Haematology and Cytology, Stringent testing on all batches is performed to ensure all specifications are satisfied. They correspond normally to the specifications given in H. J. Conns Biological Stains(1977).
ALBERT S STAIN A 125MLAmaranth, CertifiedCongo red, Certified
ALBERT S STAIN B 125 MLAmido black 10BCongo red, Practical grade
CRYSTAL VIOLET STAINING SOLUTION 125 MLAmido black 10B, CertifiedCoomasie® brilliant blue R - 250, Certified
EOSIN YELLOW STAIN SOLUTION 2% 125 MLAmmonium purpurateCoomassie® brilliant blue G - 250
FIELD STAIN A 25 GMAniline blue orange GCresol red, A.R.
FIELD STAIN B 25 GMAniline blue Water soluble, Practical gradeCresol red, Practical grade
FIELD STAIN SOLUTION A 125 MLAnthraquinone violet R, CertifiedCrystal violet, Certified
FIELD S STAIN SOLUTION A 500MLAnthrone, ACSCrystal violet, Practical grade
FIELD S STAIN SOLUTION B 125 MLArsenazo I trisodium saltDimethyl yellow, Practical grade
FIELD S STAIN SOLUTION B 500MLArsenazo IIIEosin blue disodium salt (Eosin B, Eosin bluish) 
GIEMSA S STAIN 10 GMArsenazo molybdate reagentEosin blue disodium salt, Practical grade
GIEMSA S STAIN 25 GMAuramine, CertifiedEosin blue disodium salt, Certified
GIEMSA S STAIN 100 GMAuramine, Practical gradeEosin Methylene blue, Practical grade
GIEMSA S STAIN SOLUTION 125 MLAurinEosin yellow, Practical grade Spirit soluble
GRAM S IODINE STAIN SOLUTION 125 MLAzure A, CertifiedEosin yellow, Certified, Water soluble
HAEMATOXYLIN STAIN SOLUTION DELAFIELDS 125MLAzure B, CertifiedEosin yellow, Practical grade Water soluble
JENNER S STAIN 5 GMAzure II, CertifiedEosin-methylene blue, Certified
JENNER S STAIN 25 GMBasic fuchsin, CertifiedEosin-methylene blue, Certified
J.S.B. STAIN SOLUTION 1 125 MLBasic fuchsin, Practical gradeEriochrome® black T, Certified
J.S.B. STAIN SOLUTION 2 125 MLBilirubin, A.R.Eriochrome® black T, Practical grade
LEISHMAN S STAIN POWDER 25 GMBismarck brown REriochrome® blue black B, Certified
LEISHMAN S STAIN POWDER 100 GMBismarck brown YEriochrome® blue SE, Certified
LEISHMAN S STAIN SOLUTION 250 MLBlue tetrazolium chloride, A.R.Eriochrome® cyanin, A.R.
LEISHMAN S STAIN SOLUTION 500 MLBorax carmine, CertifiedEvan’s blue, Certified
MAY & GRUNUWALD S STAIN 25 GMBrilliant blue GEvan’s blue, Practical grade
ACETOCARMINE (FOR MICRO. STAINING) 250MLBrilliant blue R-250, CertifiedFast blue B salt
SAFRANINE STAINING SOLUTION 125 MLBrilliant cresyl blue, CertifiedFast blue BB salt
SAFRANINE STAINING SOLUTION 250MLBrilliant green, CertifiedFast blue RR salt
HAEMATOXYLIN STAIN SOLUTION HARRIS 125MLBrilliant green, Practical gradeFast Green FCF
WRIGHT S STAIN 25 GMBrilliant yellow, CertifiedFast green FCF, Certified
WRIGHT S STAIN SOLUTION 125 MLBromochlorophenol blue sodium saltField’s stain A powder, Certified
WRIGHT S STAIN SOLUTION 500 MLBromocresol green, Certified (pH indicator)Field’s stain B powder, Certified
1,10-Phenanthroline monohydrate, Extra pureBromocresol green, sodium salt (Water soluble), Hi-Certi/ACSFluorescein sodium salt
1-10-Phenanthroline hydrochloride monohydrate, A.R.Bromocresol purple, CertifiedFluorescein, Practical grade
2,4-Dinitrophenol IndicatorBromocresol purple, Practical gradeGentian violet for microscopy
3-BromophenolBromophenol blueGiemsa stain 
AcetocarmineBromophenol blue, CertifiedGiemsa’s stain, Certified
Acetocarmine, A.R.Bromophenol blue, Practical gradeGiemsa’s stain, Practical grade
Acid fuchsin, CertifiedBromophenol redGram’s iodine
Acid fuchsin, Practical gradeBromopyrogallol redHematoxylin stain 
Acridine orangeBromothymol blueHematoxylin stain, Certified
Acridine orange, CertifiedBromothymol blue sodium salt, Practical gradeHematoxylin stain, Practical grade
Acridine orange, Practical gradeBromothymol blue, CertifiedCarmine, Certified
Acridine red, CertifiedCalcein, Indicator gradeCarminic acid, A.R.
Acridine yellow, CertifiedCalcon indicatorChloramine T trihydrate, A.R.
AcriflavineCalconcarboxylic acid, Practical gradeChloranitine Fast Red BB, Certified
Acriflavine, NeutralCalmagite, CertifiedChlorophenol red, Certified
Alcian blue 8GXCarbol fuchsin, CertifiedChromotropic acid disodium salt dihydrate, A.R.
Alcian blue 8GX, CertifiedCarbol fuchsin, Practical gradeCitric acid anhydrous, A.R.
Alizarin blue, CertifiedAlizarin red S, CertifiedAlkali blue 6B, Certified
Alizarin complexoneAlizarin red S, Practical gradeAmaranth
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